article-2527330-1A3B057500000578-607_634x363Twitter has become an integral part of pop culture for the world in the 21st century and gives more or less anyone a platform to speak their mind.

When celebs use Twitter to voice their opinions or make announcements, there is a massive degree of scrutiny given to every one of those 140 characters belted out. It’s hard to backtrack on what you say when it goes out to millions of followers instantly!

Here’s ten times celebs didn’t really think their messages through and received massive backlash for their out of line or just plain dumb comments.

Amanda Bynes “Rihanna” Tweet


The former child-star and current drug addling trainwreck decided to pick a Twitter fight with Rihanna for unknown reasons. She didn’t exactly stand up for domestic violence in this one.  In case you were wondering, Bynes wound up in psychiatric ward in 2013. Big surprise.

Jason Biggs Airline Tweet

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We all remember of the tragedy of when Malaysian Airlines plane was shot down in the Ukraine in 2014. So this idiot, whose biggest claim to fame is having sex with a pie in a not so funny comedy, decided to chime in. 298 people died in the incident and Biggs was crucified for his highly inappropriate joke.

Jaden Smith

Jaden should let daddy do the talking, acting, and everything else for that matter. The apple fell pretty far from the tree as evidenced by this nonsense tweet.

Chris Brown “ebola”


This guy just digs himself deeper and deeper. This tweet during the Ebola scare last year showed how stupid this guy really is.

Hulk Hogan about his daughter

This tweet wins the award for most creepy and inappropriate. Why he felt the need to tweet out how he thought his daughter’s legs looked “hot” doesn’t work on so many levels.

50 Cent


50 Cent isn’t winning any awards for political correctness anytime soon. He got blasted from multiple organizations representing children with special needs. At least he wound up apologizing for comments.

CeeLo Green’s views on rape


He’s basically saying here it’s only rape if the victim remembers it. To add more fuel to the fire, Green has also been accused of sexual assault and slipping a date rape drug into a woman’s drink.

Charlie Sheen tweets his own number


For some reason, Sheen was trying to send his real number to Justin Bieber but he wound up broadcasting it to the entire Twitterverse.

Sheen got bombarded with calls and texts. He took his dumb move in stride though; answering the phone pretending to be a pizza shop.

Gwyneth Paltrow dropping the N-bomb


Dear Gwyneth, you should know better. Not the most popular among celebs, Paltrow decided to tweet this out during a Jay-Z and Kanye concert. She was trying to talk about the single, but she got blasted for using that word from all fronts.

Bill Cosby’s “Meme Me” Tweet

Amidst the firestorm of sexual assault charges Cosby decided it would be a great idea to “meme” him. People weren’t too happy about this one to say the least.

Memes that went viral include “She can’t say no if she’s unconscious” and other phrases too awful to repeat here. Case closed on Cosby’s legacy…uggh.

Moral of the story is, think before you tweet, if that is even possible.


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