They say beauty isn’t all on the outside, but sometimes you might not want to know about what’s inside either! These gorgeous celebs reportedly have bad breath. Who would think?

These aren’t just idle rumors either, fellow actors and entertainers have slipped up from to time to time dropping the dime on those who need a constant supply of Mentos. The people on this list are guaranteed to surprise you.


What? Queen Bey herself? How can one of the most beautiful women in history have bad breath? The rumor has been swirling for awhile and it’s been reported that Nas once turned down a date with Beyonce due to her dragon breath.

Ben Affleck


Looks like the new Batman has another weapon in his arsenal. Ben Affleck’s breath is reportedly so bad Sandra Bullock had to insist on him using breath mints during the filming of Forces of Nature in 1999.

Robert Pattinson


I guess being a vampire doesn’t prevent you from having bad breath. The Twilight star is not only said have bad breath (we know he wasn’t eating garlic) but also has some brutal body odor.

Lamar Odom

lamar Odom

Kim Kardashian didn’t mince words when she said her brother-in-laws’s breath makes her want to throw up in her mouth. Gross!

Angelina Jolie


The brunette beauty apparently has an achilles heel. Reportedly husband Brad Pitt even gave her breath mints as a joke Valentine’s Day present in 2013.