Life is a beautiful thing and even though things can get tough it helps to focus on the beauty of life and situations. Many of us have mantra’s that we live by. Check out our 10 mantra’s to live by especially when times get tough and you question if the road you are on is the right one:

Here are 10 Mantra’s to use Everyday:

You should remind yourself of these every day:

  1. Where you are from does not always determine what you can achieve in life.
  2. There are many ways of inspiring yourself and others, stay passionate.
  3. Be what you want to be despite of what others do and say.
  4. People will try to continuously put you into a box. If you allow them to, they can and will control you.
  5. Ask yourself: “Who said I can’t?” People will throw ideas on you and then will be upset that you don’t agree. Allow yourself to discover the many ways of being yourself.
  6. It’s better to stay away from those who belittle you or make it feel like you are hard to love. You are made perfect in your flaws. The right people will love you despite them.
  7. Life will hand you trials, but the bigger the blessing, the bigger the tests. You cannot faint if you want to reap your blessings and miracles.
  8. You have to live your life despite the rules and adversities. People will always have something to say so you might as well do what you want to do.
  9. You are never too young or too old to achieve your dreams.
  10. You can’t half step. Go all the way!

This is your life. You should love your life, be bold and be exceptional. Make the most of your life, because you only have one. Once you have just about dominated loving who you are and who will be in the near future, you will be unforgettable!



Here’s our top 10 favorite mantra’s to live by each and everyday. Follow these 10 Mantra’s for everyday inspiration. You can’t go half way, go all the way!

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