Robert Ri’chard (One and One)

Robert Richard

s_bukley /

So Robert hit the scene around 2001 and we all loved his quirky personality in the beginning. We all did not start crushing on him until Breanna (Kyla Pratt) started dating him. He hot as fire now!

Steve/Stephan/ Jaleel White


Joe Seer /

Do not act as if when Urkle hopped out of that machine and turned into Stephan, ya’ll did not have little hearts in your eyes. That boy was fine and he looks amazing now!

Leonardo Dicaprio

Leonardo Dicarprio

Denis Makarenko /

Leo could do no wrong in the 90’s and he gets all sorts of passes for his antics now because we still all love and adore him. That boy still cute, even with the little pooch.

RL from NEXT

I do not know about the other members of NEXT but RL was my dude! He looked great then and he is still stealing hearts now.

Ll Cool J

LL Cool J

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We know, Ll is kinda played because he is on every bodies hot guy list but you cannot deny the man is fine, like really really fine! And that’s regardless of what year it is.

Joey Mckintyre

Joey Mckintyre

Debby Wong /

Joey Mckintyre was on my bedroom wall and he was on all my friends bedroom walls. We all had our favorite guy from New Kids On The Block, and he was pretty popular. He looks amazing still to this day!



taniavolobueva /

If you have ever been to an Usher concert then you will really understand why women are still crushing on him. He is hot! He was hot then and he is hot right now!

Larenz Tate

Lauren Tate

carrie-nelson /

Larenz was cute but he looks even better now than he ever did before, he ages like fine wine and that’s a good thing.

Al B Sure

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Al still fine? Depends on who you ask, he made the list so I am not complaining. He used to be kinda hot!


Where my grown women at? Jaheim has a voice as smooth as silk and he had that rough sexy look that we all could not get enough of. Well lets just say nothing has changed!

Who did I miss what really hot guys were you crushing on back in the day that you are still crushing on now?


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