So you have a crush, but for some reason he wont move beyond calling you up for a quick work out session at the gym and you don’t know if you should tell him that you would rather Netflix and chill.

Here are 10 reasons you should make the first move.

1.There are no rules

We love tradition just like the next guy but who said it is wrong for you to express interest in a guy. Rules change, times have changed, stop dropping hints and get on with it.

2. He might be just a shy as you are

He might be trying to figure things out too, and while his lack of assertiveness might be seen as a side eye, it could be that he is waiting on the right time. Help him out and tell that boy you want to go out and not to the DMV for extra company.. Like a real date with a real kiss at the end if things go well.

3. It doesn’t mean you will get taken advantage of

If a guy uses your assertiveness as means to try to ‘play’ you then he was always a f*ck boy and it is better to get all that out in the open in the very beginning. That way you can move on to someone that actually appreciates you. If he is a nice guy he will respect you just the same until you show him otherwise.

4. Mom says you shouldn’t do it

My mom would tell me the same thing, let him make the first move, let them chase you, and in a sense they are right. That is the traditional way she was taught but guess what. Telling someone you like them does not mean you are chasing them. It is simply telling them you like them.

5. He might need a different perspective

Believe it or not some guys might need a bit of direction and focus and if you are up front and honest about your feelings they might see you in a different light. Go from girl next door to actually ‘hot’ from one conversation!

6. Have a plan

If you have a plan of action in case he does not feel the same way it might be easier for you to just do it! Sure rejection sucks, but rejection with a contingency plan is a little bit better. Figure out how you will deal with your feelings in case of rejection then go in for the kill.

7. Do not waste time

It is great to have a crush for a little while so that you can figure your feelings out, maybe watch his movements for a bit to see where his head is. But do not wait forever, nobody has time for that, just get it over with if you are sure you are ready for the next stage

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8. For the sake of clear communication

Beating around the bush and not saying anything only impedes communication. That is the worse way to have any relationship with anyone, friend or otherwise.

9. Confidence is sexy

If anything making the first move makes you appear even more confident and that is not only admirable, it is down right sexy. So go ahead, be sexy!

10. He could be your future husband and father to your unborn kids

Take the risk because you never know, it could be the best thing you ever did! Do not spend the rest of your life wondering what would have happened if you had said something.

10 reasons why a womancan make the first move on her cursh


Why women should take the risk an make the first move on a man they are crushing on.

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