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First dates are awkward and the guy and girl are usually nervous. But there are things you could be doing which, instead of easing the tension, embarrass your date or push them away. Don’t make any of these mistakes, and your first date.

1. Talk about your Ex

talking about your ex

Yes, he was a jerk and he deserves to spend eternity in the hottest part of hell. But that’s something you should never mention on your first date.

Any conversation about exes will instantly bring comparisons, and your date will feel like you’re only going out so you can talk about the guy you used to date.

2. Bring a friend

It’s nice to know your date isn’t a serial killer or, at the very least, boring. But a first date should have two people; any more, and it’s not a date.

The guy you’re meeting is dating you, not you and your friend, so bringing them along will alienate him and effectively ruin the date.

3. Constantly on your phone

Taking out your phone to check your tweets while in the middle of a date is one of the most offensive things you can do. If your Twitter or Facebook is that important, you shouldn’t even be on that date.

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4. Be Late for No Reason

If there was insane traffic or you had a wardrobe malfunction, that’s fine. But let your date know you’ll be running late.

What’s not good is showing up at 9p.m. for a 7p.m. date. If you’re going to be that late, just push it to another day.

5. Be negative

meme about being negative

Fine, the weather sucks and the service is awful and the food could be better. Repeatedly complaining about it won’t change anything; it’ll just make the date worse, and your date might think you’re normally like this.

6. Not brushing

One of the worst turn offs is bad breath. You might as well end the date because without a mint or some gum, we are almost positive the date will not be able to continue. Oral hygiene is a very basic necessity for a great date.

7. Order expensive

There is nothing wrong with being a little modest on your first date unless the guy is insisting that you get something costly.

8. Getting drunk

We know you can put a few back but lets not get wasted on the first date. One drink and water is enough to keep your head pretty level and in tune to how your date is going.

9. Checking out other people

If you aren’t focused on who you are with then you might not need to be with that person.

10. And just in case you needed a visual –> watch this video

10 Things You Should Never Do On A First Date


Luckily for you, there are so many fun things you can do on a first date. However, Here are the top 10 things you should NEVER do on a first date!

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