As a 25 year old, who will soon be a 26 year old, I can’t help but realize that before I know it I will be 30! It seems like just yesterday I was graduating from high school, then graduating from college, and this upcoming May I will be completing my Masters.

Time is definitely flying, and while I have accomplished quite a few of my life goals, there are still certain things I want to check off my bucket list before I hit 30.

1. Get a passport

I have been saying I will get a passport for about 3 years now, and in January of 2016 I have scheduled an appt to get the ball rolling.

2. Go Out of The Country

I guess this goes without saying, but the reason I want to get my passport is because my girls are planning a girls trip for summer 2016, to St. Kitts!

3. Build Up My Savings

Saving and budgeting has always been a constant struggle for me, but since I am graduating from graduate school in May of 2016 and will be back into the world of “adulting” I know that it is crucial that I take control of my budgeting and savings plan.

4. Learn a New Language

My dad is from South America, and while Spanish was never spoken fluently in our home, I still want to learn basic conversational Spanish.

5. Run A Half Marathon

Because of my athletic and shapely legs, I’m always asked if I’m a runner, and sadly the answer has always been no. But I want to change that, and run a half marathon!

6. Go Skydiving

I am extremely afraid of heights, so naturally I want to combat that fear my conquering it head on.

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7. Learn to Bartend

I love to try new drinks, and I’m always mixing up something in my kitchen and hoping it comes out good. So, taking a class is only necessary.

8. Travel Alone

Traveling somewhere all by myself is definitely something I’ve been scared to do. However, the more I think about it, the more and more excited I get and can’t wait to try it!

9. Take a Cross Country Roadtrip

After seeing the movie “Crossroads” I’ve always thought it would be cool to grab my best friends, hop in the car, and drive across country. We are all getting older, and with added responsibilities, but I feel like we can make it happen before we all turn 30!

10. Attend A Major Sports Events

I’m not a die hard sports fan by any means, but I would still love to attend a professional sporting event just for the experience!

10 Bucket List Ideas Before I turn 30


Looking for ideas for your future bucket list? Here are 10 awesome things I want to check off my bucket list before I turn 30. Skydiving anyone?

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