First dates are typically hit or miss situations. Either it went really well or sadly it went wrong. Maybe he was rude, inconsiderate or didn’t know how to carry a conversation?

Unfortunately some things that should be common sense, all guys don’t do. Here are 10 things that every woman loves on a first date.

1.  Committed plans

First if you’re going to ask me out please have a plan! Are we doing dinner? Ok, where? Time? etc. I can’t remember how many times I have been “asked out” only for the guy to be like “what do you want to do or go?”

Something about a man taking charge and stating, “Chima. 7pm. Tomorrow. I’ll pick you up.” sparks my interest.

2. Punctuality

This should be a given but please be on time. And in the event that something came up and you will be a little late, be respectful and call.

3. Effort

I always love when a guy puts effort into his self before a date. If he took time to dress nicely and make sure his hygiene and appearance is on point, it’s the first sign that he’s actually taking this date seriously.

4. Chivalry

Be chivalrous. Maybe I’m old school, but I still believe in guys picking me up, opening doors and pulling out chairs for me. Whoever said chivalry was dead lost their standards and needs to find some more. Just saying.

5. Attention

A guys attention during the date is another key point. If he is actually paying attention to you and what you’re saying instead of being on his phone or eyeing other women in the venue then it also shows he is genuinely interested.

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6. Table Manners

Table manners are also an important attribute. I love a guy who shows a little table etiquette and chews with his mouth closed and won’t embarrass me. Poor manners are a sure way to not get a second date.

7. Memorability

Be memorable. Ever had a date go so well that it still had you thinking back and smiling the next day? Bonus! A guy who can stand out from the rest and make me remember him is also a win.

8. Good Conversation

With memorability comes good conversation. My most awkward date consisted of a guy asking me out and he literally had nothing to say the entire night. I tried to start a conversation and he could not keep it going. It was so dull and I immediately lost his number.

9. Confidence

Women always love a guy who is confident without being cocky or egotistical. Definitely a turn on.

10. Offer to pay

Lastly, I still believe the guy should pay at the end of the night. There will be no going dutch/splitting. No “I’m an independent woman so I’m taking care of the bill.” I just feel that he should make a good impression and be a man. Just all apart of being chivalrous!



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