You gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes and you both realize that you two are very much in love. There is no one else in the world for you and you know that you two have found each other to just be together forever. So how do you know you are ready to get married? Here are 10 ways to evaluate that very question:

1. You use ‘when’ instead of ‘if’ when you talk about the future

No matter what you are speaking of – moving to another state, going back to school, thinking about children – your significant other is always part of those plans. You can literally visualize the future with your love.

2. You would elope

Of course, it would be lovely to have a grand wedding, but that just does not interest you. It is about you and your significant other. As long as you both say ‘I do,’ your love is coming from a pure place in your hearts.

3. You know and trust your significant other

You have the passcodes, passwords, combinations, and keypad codes…but you don’t go snooping in anything your boo has. For what? An honest relationship includes trust for each other.

4. You are sexually attracted to your significant other

Don’t you look at the physical appearance if you are interested in someone? Don’t lie. If you are not sexually attracted to your significant other, then you both will be unhappy. Making whoopie will definitely not be enjoyable.

5. ‘Compromise’ is definitely your favorite word

Marriage is about giving and satisfying the other. Sometimes you have to give up the “I” for “You.”

6. You accept all flaws unconditionally

You fell in love with your boo for being the individual that they are, flaws and all. The flaws are what makes your significant other special in every way to you and you find sweet melody in that, which is absolutely perfect for you.

7. You have a healthy way of handling conflict

Bringing together two complete different people with different perspectives can bring about arguments and conflicts every now and again.

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But catching an attitude, leaving the house, and not coming back home is not the way to go. Forgiveness and respect are the main ways to handle conflict.

8. You get a cat together

Maybe not literally, but you both just put your name on something. Once you do that, you both feel responsible for caring for what was purchased together

9. You are emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and financially stable

Everyone has troubles and issues, but if you are just not there in terms of caring for another person indefinitely, then marriage is not for you.

You must be able to cater to the needs, have similar core values, be mentally prepared for anything, and of course have the moulah. There is no romance without a little finance!

10. You can’t imagine your life without your significant other

How can you even think that? There is no way you can go on living without the love of your life at your side forever.



Here are 10 clues you can use to determine if you will be ready for marriage and living happily ever after!

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