We all have that one celebrity couple we are all rooting for and love to see together. Here is our list of 11 celebrity couples we wish stayed together forever.

Faith and Biggie Smalls

They were considered an odd couple back in the day but as time went on we got used to their relationship and wanted to see it last. Unfortunately Biggie lost his life.

Nas And Kelis

Quite possibly the dopest couple ever, we have no idea what exactly broke these two up but we know we loved seeing them together and wanted it to last, but it never did.

Puff and J-Lo

We arent gonna lie, this was weird at first but we really thought they had a thing. Turns out Puff couldn’t hold Jenny from the block down and Jenny couldn’t hold Diddy down either. It was interesting while it lasted

Shaunie Oneil And Shaquile Oneil

After 5 kids, and a ton of trouble these two survived it all and it seemed as if love could conquer all. But after Shaq messed around with a woman affiliated with Basketball wives, Shaunie filed for divorce. Shaq moved on but both are now single from what we now know.

Kimora Lee Simmons And Russel Simmons

We know these two still have love for each other. Kimora cant keep a marriage to save her life after Russell and Russell doesn’t even try. They are best friends even till this day, we wished this one lasted.

Andre 3000 And Erykah Badu

How amazing would this relationship have been if it lasted. Two amazing artists, defying fashion, they were down to earth. We really wanted this to work, but it didn’t!

Chris Brown And Rihanna

More important than the relationship we wish Chris did not lose it that night, we wanted them to last. The way their relationship ended was horrible and something we still talk about to this day. They were a cute couple and would have made it to hot couple stardom together!

Foxy Brown and Rick Ross

So these two did not really have a long relationship, but think about the music! Epic

Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa

There might be still hope for these two to save their marriage. We love them together, they have mad love for each other. Fingers crossed!

Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet

Talk about hipster black relationship heaven! We wished these two stayed together with all our hearts but they didn’t.

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odem

Kim Kardashian and Odom

Tinsletown: shutterstock.com

We really loved these two after awhile and we wanted their marriage to last. But with all their many troubles from Lamar’s drug use the relationship never lasted.

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