Let me introduce you to the most refreshing Instagram page that has #blackgirlmagic written all over it. Nicholle Kobi is a French illustrator who illustrates black women in all sorts of settings with such grace, elegance and depth.

I enjoyed every picture, check out some of her work here:


Because she did Viola on the best night of every black girls life


Because Regina and Taraji proved sisters support each other


Because we write things down when we are about to show the world what we are made of

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Because this is us every night even with the scarf and kiddie pajamas on



Because we are mommies first but we still take care of business


nikkis groove6

Because curves… girl.. we got curves!



Because #sayhername and #IamSandraBland



Because we have #squad realizations



Because you can sit with us but you probably wont get that impression



Because he cannot resist!



Because this!!!


The artist – Nicholle Kobi

The artist

11 Reasons You Should Follow @Nikisgroove On Instagram


Nicholle Kobi runs an Instagram page that serves #blackgirlmagic all day long. Here are 11 pictures that prove you should follow @nikisgroove now

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