Are you ready to get married?  Already made the leap?

It might be a new title, but there’s a lot of changes that come with marriage. Here’s 12 big life changes that you and your partner should discuss, ideally before tying the knot.  There’s no need to have these surprises after the big “I do’s”.

1. Money management

When you get married all of a sudden your money becomes ‘our money’ this means you have to be very conscious about how you spend and on how you save.

2. Your health

It is important to take care of yourself even after marriage because there is someone else just as important as your mom who needs you to remain healthy.

3. Your social status

You are now ‘us’ or ‘we’ and seen as a pair rather than an individual

4. Goals

As a unit your goals will be shared for the improvement of your new family.

5. Loyalty and commitment

You might think you were committed before, just wait until you are married and you finally change everything to your married name…… the level of commitment you feel is surreal. Here’s 4 things you should discuss about commitment.

6. Sex life

Things should get better once you are married, it is almost like you are free to fully enjoy your partner in ways you have never done before. It’s a mind thing.

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7. Your perceptions change

The way you view your life changes, you have your own family unit now, that can change anyone.

8. People respect you more

Of course this depends on many factors but their is a built in level of respect that comes with marriage, its a bit weird but it’s ok!

9. Your friends

You will keep some of your friends but you will have more married friends just because married couples tend to attract other married couples.

10. Your ex will stop texting

You probably should have put that flame out anyway, but when you are married more than likely they will really get the picture.

11. Date night is different

Listen, we have no idea why it is different but when you step out as husband and wife it is way more amazing than anything else. You might also find yourself staying home more, but that doesn’t mean you should go without date night.  Get creative with these at home date night ideas.

12. You could have children

Well, you know what they say right, after love then comes marriage, then comes….. well you know the rest!



After tying the knot and committing your life to one another, there are things that you can’t change, some good and bad! Here’s our list of 12 of those things.

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