I am always inspired by African prints, the colors are so vibrant and these days women are mixing traditional African garments with a modern flare that is to die for.

I Love Erykah Badu’s style and she is known for mixing tradition with modern and eclectic wear, check out 11 other women doing the same thing.

Vampy lippie, green hair and a mix of African Tradition to top it off!

Bey mixing traditional head wear and a bandage dress

Kente head wrap with statement jewelry and crop top

The colors the flare are all traditional but the styles are oh so modern!

How is that for mixing print with style!

Solange keeps it casual with a mix of print, jeans shorts and the cutest shoes ever!

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so in love!

How beautiful is she, from the flower in her wrap to the traditional print details

Aviators check, jeans top, traditional head wrap – double check


How do you mix traditional head wear with modern pieces?

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