Celebrities have to put up with the good and bad side of fame. They get the money and the adoring fans, but they have to put up with papparazi and well, adoring fans! It also means that we the public are way too up in their business all the time and a small faux pas in public will be talked about in the media for years to come.

Although widely popular, there are a few male celebs we feel would be perfect hubby material if it wasn’t for that one thing…

Chad is cute but that mouth! He has a knack for running it so much we often forget how cute he is.

Oh Leo not even Rihanna can hold you down. You are still every girls crush though!

Chris could be cute… really he could…but this boy is an on and off again jerk.

Kanye, Kanye, Kanye…if only you smiled more and expressed less.

Reggie is hot but his choices in women are pretty questionable

Shemar is gorgeous but the thirst is too real with this guy. Have you seen his social media?

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Lyrics that flow off his lips right into our ears, but can we trust Trey?

Ludacris is fine, but for some reason he seems perfect for the friend zone.

Shia could get it, but we heard he was a super jerk especially if you have to work with him.

Tyrese is gorgeous, but he can get a bit wordy! He can probably join Luda in the friend zone.

We couldn’t trust Nelly as far as we could throw him. He fine tho!

This little fire cracker bully TI, could be even cuter if he were a little bit ..quieter

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