1. Fill lips with lip liner to make your lip stick last 

Using lip liner as a base to lipstick keeps it long-lasting through those cocktails!

2. Never Sleep In Makeup

I know it can be hard after a long day but your skin will thank you for it later. Sleeping in makeup leads to aging skin and blemishes.

3. Keep Your Skin Moisturized

Whatever your skin type is, ensure your are keeping your skin all over your body properly moisturized. I recommend adding a lotion or oil fresh out of the shower while your skin is still moist.

4. Invest in a Good Multi-Vitamin

One of the most important contributors to beauty is making sure your insides are up to par. Make sure your getting all the necessary nutrients and vitamins by picking up a multi-vitamin specifically for women.

5. Satin Bonnet/Pillowcase is Bae

Never go to sleep without protecting your hair.

6. Sunscreen is Mandatory.

Always remember to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

7. Shave with Coconut Oil

Pure coconut oil has antibacterial properties that protect against razor burn and it also overs optimal moisturizing benefits.

8. Water by The Liter

Stay hydrated and drink lots of water. Increase your intake and see the difference in your skin.

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9. Clean your Makeup Brushes

Remember to clean your makeup brushes at least weekly to eliminate product build up and any bacterial that may be hiding in there.

10. Warm you Makeup Remover Wipes

Putting your wipes in the microwave for about 15sec prior to use will help your skin feel rejuvenated and also help remove that stubborn 12hr lipstick and waterproof mascara.

11. Get a Professional Color Match

80% of women are wearing the incorrect shade of foundation. Head to a nearby Sephora and get your color matched professionally. They also carry many affordable brands.

12. No Need for Plastic Surgery, just Highlight and Contour!

Contouring your nose and cheek bones while highlighting under your eyes, the bridge of your nose and the center of your forehead will give you an instant face lift without going under the scalpel.

13. Matte your Lipstick with loose translucent powder

Have a satin finish lipstick that you would love to wear matte? Just brush a little powder over your lips and have an instant matte color.

14. Lip Balm Makes for Brow Gel

If you’ve ran out of your favorite brow gel a little lip balm makes for a great dupe to hold those brows in place.

15. Use the tip of your brush to apply mascara

For fuller eye lashes use the tip of the brush to first run over your lashes and then comb upwards to evenly distribute. This ensures that all of your hairs are coated giving a fuller look.

15 Beauty Tips All Women Should Follow


Here are top 15 beauty tips for women to follow and basic tips every woman should know.

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