As we begin to count down the days to the New Year we start to anticipate making plans for New Years Resolutions. But know that you don’t have to wait to December 31st to get your plans together for 2016. Start Now!

1. Take Inventory

Start by revisiting your 2015 goals and reflect. What did you accomplish? What did you start and unfortunately didn’t finish? What did you learn?

Take a moment to write down the answers to all of these questions. It’s where to start for next year.

2. Plan

Planning is essential. Find a tool that works for you to make your New Years Plans. For me it’s a journal. Myleik Teele, CEO and Founder of Curlbox, created a MyTaughtYou Journal to help you stay on top of your goals for the year.

Or maybe making a vision board is more your speed. Grab some magazines and get to clipping and find what works for you.

3. Set New Goals

Start with the goals you didn’t quite meet last year. Make a new and improved plan of how you intend to stay on top of it in 2016.

Did you want to work out more and ended up falling off after a couple of months? Maybe this time try the app Pact where you have to put money up and if you don’t work out you lose but when you do you earn! This way it will keep you more accountable to stay on top of it because you’re losing money when you don’t.

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4. Purge

Lastly is purging. The end of the year makes for a great time to declutter your life and home to make room for the new things 2016 has in store.

Take a weekend to go through your home and get rid of old clothes, papers that have piled up over the year and what ever other miscellaneous crap that’s lying around that you know you don’t need.

Go into the new year feeling fresh, renewed, with goals in hand and a mindset of a winner!

4 Ways To KickStart Your New Year


Planning, Setting Goals, and Achieving Focus. Here are 4 Ways To Kick start your new years resolutions and make a new and improved plan.

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