Despite what a lot of people might say, natural hair shrinkage is not all that bad. In fact, it’s a good sign of high hair elasticity and having healthy hair. That said, you might still want your curls to be long. If so, these tips are for you. They show you how to stretch your curls without using any heat. Hit next page to read on!


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1. Banding

This is simply using hair ties to softly stretch your hair. To do this, first use your styling products to shampoo and condition your hair. Before it dries, part a section of your hair measuring roughly 2 x 2 inches, and twist or braid each section straight from the root until the ends.
Then, starting from the top of one of your twists or braids, tie a hair tie around your hair’s root and wrap more until the end. After this, let your hair dry before you remove the hair ties. Finally, separate your strands, then fluff them.

3 Ways to Minimize Natural Hair Shrinkage Without Heat 1

2. Twisting or Braiding

This is a popular method that doesn’t just reduce shrinkage; it also adds a little length and even makes your curls more defined. The method is similar to Banding. However, after you condition your hair and braid or twist different sections, wait for your hair to dry fully. Then remove the twists or braids to bring out longer and better-defined curls.


Hair Types Curly

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3. Flexi-Rods

The beauty of using flexi-rods is that they can give you curls that last at least a week. The process is similar to the ones above, but you should use a moisturizing leave-in conditioner after shampooing and conditioning. While your hair is still damp, part it into precise sections of 2 x 2 inches.

Next, work a small amount of styling foam through the sections. Then place the flexi-rod’s tip on the root, wrap your hair around its top and keep wrapping the strand around the flexi-rod till you get to the other end.

After this, make sure that the ends of your strands are fixed by bending the flexi-rod. This should keep the hair from unraveling. Then just repeat these steps until you’re done with your entire head, and that’s it! Fluff and separate as you want.

3 Ways to Minimize Natural Hair Shrinkage Without Heat


How do you minimize natural hair shrinkage without using heat? These three methods are simple, effective and they can even lengthen your hair! Read on.

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