Do you see any difference between Destiny’s Child Beyoncé and 2015 Beyoncé? We don’t. It’s a sure thing that she is taking good care of herself but of course what everyone is wondering is how? Beyoncé has one of the best make up artist in the world working for her: Sir John Barnett.

He is Beyoncé’s make up artist for a long time and they worked together during her latest self-titled album and on the “On The Run tour”. In an interview with The Cut, Sir John revealed some tips for staying young and looking fierce. Here are the 4 beauty tips from Sir John Barnett.

1. Hydration

In order for make up to be applied more easily and make the skin look radiant, you need to hydrate your skin according to Barnett.

Hydrating the skin increases the blood flow to the face. Besides on a slightly wet skin, you can handle foundation and concealer more skillfully, he adds.

2. Eye Cream for all over the face

This might be the best advice of Barnett and you should listen carefully. Because it is designed to distribute ingredients to a more gentle area, eye cream has smaller particles in it and the face absorbs it more easily.

3. Use face creams on the body

It can be quite expensive but don’t forget that Barnett’s head-to-toe approach is what makes Beyoncé younger.

Don’t concern yourself only with your face, pay attention to your whole body and skin. A well-moisturized skin is the key to looking good.

4. Drink Kale

Getting your skin in good condition is not that hard. Along with the beauty tips, Sir John Barnett gives advice about what you should drink to look beautiful.

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He underlines that Kale has lots of Vitamin K in it and it increases blood flow. “It helps cell turnover” which is what you need for the healthier skin. Healthy skin makes everything easy for you with regards to makeup.

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4 Beauty Secrets From Beyonce’s Makeup Artist for Beauty Secrets


Want some beauty secrets? Check out the 4 beauty secrets suggested by Beyonce’s makeup artist for eye creams, facials, and drinking kale.

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