Dating is fun! It’s nice to get to know someone or keep the sparks flying within your marriage but i’ll admit that at whatever level your relationship is at it sometimes can hurt your pockets.

Here are 4 simple date ideas for the frugal individual who wants to get out and do things with their partner without breaking the bank.

1. Day at the Museum

Who doesn’t love a good museum?! I personally find art museums extremely enjoyable. So many creative pieces and it is perfect to enjoy with your mate. You can often find museums that have free admission on certain days. Nothing beats free!

2. Kayaking

Try stepping out of the box and doing something random like kayaking at a nearby lake. If you don’t already own your own kayak, you can typically rent them from the lake for a few bucks. Go on a cool day and take in the beauty of the nature that surrounds you.

3. Cooking Class

Cooking with your partner is always a good way to talk and share a few laughs while creating a delicious meal. Check out cooking classes offered in your vicinity and learn how to make a new dish.

If you find that they’re a bit pricer in your area, considering grabbing a recipe from pinterest going out grocery shopping together, opening a bottle of while and creating the meal at home.

4. Go geocaching

Ok here’s one you may have never heard of. Geocaching! It is basically a treasure hunt around your city. The idea is to use a GPS along with hints and clues to find a box that typically contains certain items.

Once you find it, sign the log and trade a small item for something in the box. The activity is free and perfect for anyone who likes a challenge along with being outside. Just download the app and get started.

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There are so many other date ideas that are free or really cheap, so don’t let money be an issue of getting out. Enjoy doing life with the person you are dating.

Do you have any additional cheap date ideas you enjoy?



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