Even if it seems unnecessary and time wasting, sleeping is one of the most important things in our lives. Getting a good sleep is the key to start a good day.

However, sometimes hours and hours of sleep is not enough for our body and even if you sleep more than the standard eight hours, you wake up feeling tired. There are many reasons behind this.

We prepared a guide for you to wake up in a good mood. Check out 4 things to improve your sleep quality and waking up in a good mood.

1. Cut down on coffee and alcohol

Aside from its rich taste and wonderful smell, coffee is the worst enemy of sleeping, as you already know. If you drink coffee a few hours before the hour you have to go to bed, you cannot sleep.

Try drinking coffee early in the morning. Also you might think drinking a glass of wine helps you sleep, but on the contrary it lowers your sleep quality.

2. Exercise

Don’t forget to exercise during the day. Even going for a jog helps you spend more time in deep sleep mode and this means you will wake up well-rested.

3. Stay away from technological gadgets before bed

“One last check to Instagram and Facebook and I’ll be sleeping in five minutes.” No, you won’t. That screen is making your brain think it’s still early to sleep.

Also if you have to work on your computer, do it as early as possible. You have to stay away from those screens at least an hour before going to bed.

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4. Go to bed early

You have to sleep seven to eight hours a day and if you have to wake up early, you should go to bed early to get enough sleep.

Our brains start to produce a hormone called melatonin at 9pm to 10 pm and it has some anti-aging effects but if you sleep during 10pm and 3am in a dark room. Melatonin loves dark rooms.

Don’t forget to get a good sleep to wake up in a good mood. If you follow our advice those early mornings won’t be a nightmare for you. Comment below and tell us what you do to improve your sleep quality.



Learn how to improve the quality of your sleep. How long you sleep is important, but it can be irrelevant if it’s not quality.

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