You hear that breakfast is the one meal you never want to skip, especially if you consistently lack in energy. But eating just any ol’ breakfast isn’t going to cut it.

A lot of Americans eat breakfast meals that are filled with sugar, caffeine, fats and even chocolate. We grew up eating things like sugary cereals, buttery eggs and pancakes and cream cheese bagels. Some may even enjoy naughty breakfasts like chocolate chip muffins and candy bars.

Then throw on top of that coffee and energy drinks and you have yourself a disastrous breakfast that will only leave you hanging on threads of energy.

If you’re like most, you’re looking for a healthier way to get your energy than from caffeine, but where do you start? To help you figure out what you should be eating in the morning and to get you started, you can follow these simple four tips.

Replace your coffee and energy drinks with super smoothies

The best part of my morning is my smoothie. It’s the equivalent to coffee — without it, I feel drained and incapable of having a highly productive day.

But the great thing about smoothies, unlike coffee and caffeine drinks, is that it doesn’t cause me to crash. I actually feel great the entire day, as long as I don’t eat anything that will cause a crash (sugar, wheat and caffeine).

Your morning smoothie can consist of whatever your taste buds are into — fruits or veggies, but not both, since mixing the two can cause indigestion and fermentation.

I prefer fruits over all else. To make your smoothies “super”, you should add superfoods like baobab, moringa, seaweeds, goji berry and acai berry. There are also mushrooms you can add like reishi and chaga, which are filled with antioxidants — the healthy caffeine.

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Add more raw foods to your breakfast meals

If you’re not into switching up your meals entirely, you can start by adding in healthy foods to your favorite breakfasts. A lot of people find overhauling their breakfast for healthier alternatives to be too extreme.

So one way to start eating healthier in the morning is to insert raw foods. Food in this state will provide you with the most nutrition possible, which you’ll need if you plan to continue eating heavy grains, sugar and caffeine.

Some good ideas would be to eat a salad with nuts, avocado, tomatoes, onions and whatever else you like, topped with herbs like marjoram, basil and tarragon.

I do recommend that you stay away from salad dressing, since they are filled with unhealthy ingredients. Instead, you can put Himalayan pink salt, olive oil and even blend a creamy avocado sauce to pour on top. I personally like sea salt and olive oil the best.

Another way to add raw foods is to chop up some of your favorite melons and eat a fruit salad. You can also put raw berries on top of your pancakes or in your cereal (hopefully one that doesn’t have sugar). You don’t want to mix your melons with other fruits, because this too can cause digestion problems.

Substitute the bad for the good

For those who are really serious about getting healthy, you’ll want to begin substituting unhealthy ingredients for ones that are healthier. This isn’t as hard as it sounds and in fact, I’ve found this to be the best way to switch to a healthier diet. Here are some ideas for transforming your morning meals with nutrition-rich ingredients:

  1. Trade in your sugar cereals for plain cereal. This goes for hot and cold cereals. I recommend going with spelt and kamut flakes (this can be eaten like oatmeal or like Wheaties). However, you can also opt for organic, non-gmo corn, oat and wheat cereals that are sugar-free.
  2. Put non-dairy milk inside of your cereal, such as almond, coconut or hemp milk.
  3. Get rid of the butters and replace them with healthy oils like coconut, olive, hemp, avocado and sesame.
  4. Stop using white sugar and instead go with maple, coconut or date. Honey is another option, if you aren’t a vegan.
  5. Drink non-caffeinated teas to help digest your breakfast. Hot drinks are better than cold drinks, which can slow down the digestion process. Good options are chaga, moringa, bamboo and ginko biloba (awesome for boosting brain power).
  6. Make pancakes and waffles with spelt, kamut, quinoa or teff grains. Then use flax meal as the egg replacement. If you like to add milk, use a nut milk over cow milk.

Eliminate the bad from your breakfast meals for good

Substituting is great, but what’s even better is eliminating the bad ingredients from your breakfast period. This includes eliminating items that age and deteriorate your body, making you feel old and tired, such as dairy products, meat, sugar and wheat.

You don’t have to do this for all your meals, but you should definitely eliminate them from your breakfast if you’re looking to conjure up energy to get through your day!

Remember, the more raw and natural your breakfast is, the more energy you will be able to accumulate. This is why raw foods and smoothies are the best options. So try to implement that into your mornings each day.



Sugar cereals provide little to no traditional and not the best start of the day. Breakfast is the most important meal so follow these 4 steps for a healthy breakfast.

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