We all dream of a happily ever after with that special person in our lives. However, not every boyfriend is husband material.

In fact, some guys will only give you an unhappily ever after if you ever tie the knot. So, how do you tell if your boyfriend (or fiancé if you’ve gone that far) is a keeper? Read on.

1. The Mama’s Boy

Now, every man is a mama’s boy, to some extent. However, some take it to a disturbing level. This is the guy who would never even dream of dating you if his mama didn’t approve first; and whose mom still makes all the important life decisions for him.

If his mom one day decides that you’re no good, you bet he’ll break up with you on the spot. This is a three-way relationship with a man—actually, he’s more of a boy and when you have arguments or disagreements, life is going to be pretty tough for you.