We all dream of a happily ever after with that special person in our lives. However, not every boyfriend is husband material.

In fact, some guys will only give you an unhappily ever after if you ever tie the knot. So, how do you tell if your boyfriend (or fiancé if you’ve gone that far) is a keeper? Read on.

1. The Mama’s Boy

Now, every man is a mama’s boy, to some extent. However, some take it to a disturbing level. This is the guy who would never even dream of dating you if his mama didn’t approve first; and whose mom still makes all the important life decisions for him.

If his mom one day decides that you’re no good, you bet he’ll break up with you on the spot. This is a three-way relationship with a man—actually, he’s more of a boy and when you have arguments or disagreements, life is going to be pretty tough for you.

2. The Work-Obsessed

Women love men with ambition and stability. But some men focus a little too much on work. This man constantly goes on business meetings, works as many hours as someone with two jobs—perhaps even more—and still focuses on work when he’s at home.

You might think he’s working towards a goal, and will focus less on work and more on you once he reaches that goal. Girl, that’s not going to happen. Don’t wait, because his future is just too busy making money for you to be part of it. Unless, of course, you’re in it for the money.

3. The Cheater

We all know those guys. Their words are like honey, they make you feel like you’re the luckiest woman alive. Then they cheat.

They promise never to do it again, that it was some sort of mistake, and you might actually believe them. The thing is, cheaters never stop cheating. They just learn to be more secretive.

4. The Man Who’s Going Nowhere

This guy has no ambition in life beyond what he’s already achieved. He doesn’t want to push for a better-paying job, he doesn’t want his own home, and he might even be hesitant about marrying and having kids.

He’s perfectly content with life the way it is, and doesn’t want to change anything. If you ever have kids, he likely won’t help in raising them, and getting him to pay for their upbringing will be an issue. Oh, and if he doesn’t have a job and doesn’t

 If your man matches the description of any of the types above, run for the hills. He’s no good for you, and marriage will feel like a prison sentence. Even if you’re desperate and you feel time’s running out, don’t. It’s way better to be single and unhappy than married and unhappy (have you seen the divorce rates?)

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