If you have ever pinched your stomach fat and groaned about it, compared yourself to someone else with a ‘banging’ body or you cannot face yourself in the mirror, always on a diet, and feel awkward in social settings because of your body then this post is for you.

Self chastising is really hard on any body, and sometimes we do it so often we have no idea how that sort of negativity affects us in the long term.

If you want to end the negative body image obsession here are 4 ways you can use:

1. Focus on your negative talks with your self

To fix this you have to take notice of what it is you are trying to fix. This means being more conscious about your behavior so that you can begin the process of fixing it.

Every time you have a negative conversation, or say a negative word about your body part try to stop and analyze your thought so that you can train yourself to fix it.

2. Replace the negative statements with positive ones

This might sound easy but really it isn’t especially if you are in one of those funky moods that we girls tend to get into at certain times of the month or day.

We have to really focus on our thoughts and come up with some sort of positive accolade to replace the negativity with.

3. It is never all or nothing

I gained 10 pounds so now I am hideous! NO! – Its just 10 pounds did you notice your hair grew 4 inches or that you totally rocked that exam you had to take last week? 10 pounds is not the end all be all.

4. Mixing emotion with who you are

Look for extreme thought processes that do more harm than good especially the ones that mix emotion with self worth.

“I am fat so that must mean I a loser”- physical attributes have nothing to do with how much you have achieved, try to separate the two and incorporate healthy thinking.

5. Do not compare yourself

Girl you have no idea what it is like to be somebody else. So focus only on you and what you are going through. If you gained 10 pounds and you no longer look like Beyonce, chances are you wouldn’t want to be Beyonce anyway!

Can you imagine how crazy it is for actresses and musicians who have to fit a certain ideal every single day without fail?

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Once you change your mind set you will see how much easier it is for you to achieve your goals even the weight related ones.

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