Are you a proud member of the itty bitty committee? Shopping for bra’s inst easy for anyone regardless of what size you are. Finding a perfect fit seems to be a figment of many of our imaginations and we often settle for something that we can just live with half the time.

I mean at the end of the day we are just going to take them off anyway so why fuss about it, right?. The truth is we all should fuss about it, a great bra tucks all of our stuff in perfectly, perks the things we need perked and protect the things we need protected.

For an A-cup gyal, you might think that you want a few things women with bigger boobs have but the truth is, you should just be grateful for what you have, even when you think you are too small. In addition to that here are 5 other things women with A-cups should note.

1. You can go bra less, but it does not mean you should

Here is one of the things women with bigger cups envy you for, the ability to go bra less and not having to worry about blank stares and camera phones when you hit the streets.

Unless you prefer to just not wear a bra, you do need some sort of support on a daily basis, so wearing a bra is definitely recommended on most occasions.

2. Lose the wire

You have the advantage of not having to deal with uncomfortable under wire so why even bother. Choose a bra that is comfortable and feels as if you have nothing on without the wires.

3. Choose a bra that enhances what you have got

Stop looking for surgeons in your area on Google, and purchase a well structured bra. When your bra gives you a little shape you would be surprised the difference it makes on how your boobs look.

Spend some money on great bra’s that enhances the goods and your clothing!

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4. Do not just wear sports bra’s

It is tempting to just wear a sports bra all the time especially if you are a gym rat. But get stylish sometimes and wear a sexy bra under your cute T-shirts and blouses. You would be surprised how much more confident you are when you know you have something lacy and satiny under your clothing.

5. Go to a specialty store

Bra shopping can be boring especially if you are striking out, but it helps to go small specialty shops and get your measurements done along with bra recommendations. You would be surprised how much you can learn about your own boobs.

Carve out some time, book an appointment and get fitted for a great bra. That way you know exactly what to buy next time you go shopping.


5 Bra Things Every Girl With An A-Cup Should Know


Here are 5 bra facts every woman with an A-Cup needs to know.

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