Back fat is probably one of my biggest pet peeves. There is nothing I hate more than having little to large folds above and under my bra and that infamous muffin top, doesn’t help either.

With our commitment to great health this year we have been looking at a variety of exercises to help various parts of our body, if you haven’t seen those posts, check them out in this section .

Now we want to focus on the back, how can we get our back looking stellar, firm and clean? We have 5 exercises that can help greatly, the first one, having a lot to do with jumping.

1. Jump Rope

Jump Rope

Did you know that jump rope is the one exercise that can engage almost every muscle in the body? The reason jump rope is our first choice is because cardio is number one on the list for eliminating back fat and jump rope really engages the core and lower back.

Not to mention, there is no excuse for not exercising , everyone has access to a jump rope. We are all about fluid movement so when you work out you are focusing on the area that you want to eliminate, in this case back fat, but you are engaging other areas of your body, just the way it was intended to work.

A strong back is all about balance, so jump rope is perfect for that!

2. Pull ups

Back Exercises Chin Ups

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Another exercise that uses your entire upper torso but it is THE BEST exercise for your back you can find. Listen, pull ups are hard and it might take some time to do your first one if you are a beginner, but there are assisted pull ups you can do at the gym using a machine.

If your gym has one, try it! Every muscle of your back is engaged when you are doing pull ups so it is perfect for eliminating back fat. If you want to really turn things up, do your jump ropes in between your sets of pull ups!

3. Lateral Pull Downs

Lateral Pull Down Back Exercise

If you are the girl that likes some focused exercises then this one is great for your upper back and targets that area completely.

You will find this machine typically at the gym, and it is great to incorporate into your back routine for that area right above where your bra latches. Again, you can jump rope in between sets so that you keep that sweat pouring!

4. Hyper back extensions

Lateral Pull Down Back Exercise

These target the lower back and core. You can use your own body weight to do it, or you can hold a weight (plate) to add some strength to the move.

For this to work on your lower back and not your butt, you have to ensure that your pelvic area rests on the pad completely. If your pelvic area is above the pad, then you are working your butt and legs, which isn’t a bad thing, but not the focus of this post.

5. Back crunches/extensions

Back Exercises

No matter what exercise you do for your back, always end with back crunches. They stretch your back completely, help with posture and are just an over all great exercise for your back. If you have back pain these are great as well.

Back crunches are basically the same as ab crunches but while you are laying on your tummy. To do them effectively you have to put both hands behind your head elbows out and crunch upwards raising one leg at a time. to engage both sides of your back.

Well there you have it some really great options for eliminating back fat!

5 Exercises You Can Do To Eliminate Back Fat


5 great options for eliminating back fat forever for a sexy and defined back for women.

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