Hormones are magical chemicals that work in your body. They can affect your mood and health as well as increase your libido. Normally your body produces enough amounts of these hormones but sometimes with some little efforts you may change the levels of these hormones in your advantage. We listed 5 hormones that are vital for you.


Estrogen is the flag hormone of females. Your body starts to produce estrogen during your teenage years to develop reproductive areas and this hormone keeps your bones healthy.

When you’re on your period, estrogen levels are very low. However, the week after your period, estrogen rises again and this increases your libido. You are most likely to have better sex in this week.


It is known as “male” hormone but your body also produces testosterone – just in low amounts. This wonder hormone turns the fat in your body into muscle and makes your skin more flexible.

Testosterone also affects your mood in a positive way and helps you handle stress better. With exercising, having more sex, lowering carbs and increasing protein and good fats in your diet, you can naturally increase your testosterone levels.


Also known as stress hormone, Cortisol is your body’s answer to stress. In those hard times, cortisol is released to help your body but if you are stresses all the time, it may affect your blood pressure, sugar levels and lower your immunity.

Also if you don’t want fat in your belly, keep yourself away from stress because cortisol decreases the muscle tissue and increases the abdominal fat in your body.


With capabilities of making you feel positive and confident, serotonin also affects your social behavior and sleep.

This wonderful hormone decides how much you eat and makes you sexually active. With exercising more and maintaining a balanced diet you can increase serotonin production.


Yes, it is the hormone group that increases when you eat chocolate or chili peppers. Endorphins are the natural pain relievers and stress fighters. With exercising, doing extreme sports and having sex, endorphins in your bloodstream increase.

Orgasm is the key factor when it comes to producing endorphins, so masturbating also affects how much endorphins are produced. These hormones give you feelings of happiness and even euphoria. Unlike the drugs that have the same effects, you won’t become addicted to endorphins.

So stay away from stress, pay attention to what you eat, exercise and have more sex! Live happily with your wondrous hormones.

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