Spring Colors

Nail art is not dead gyals! On the contrary, nail art is vastly evolving into more stylish and sophisticated looks. You’ve seen them on New York Fashion Week to the Red Carpet.

In the past 3D textures and embellished nails were the “in” thing. But now, nail art has been more sophisticated, chic, and classic.

Whether you are going for a pale blue to be edgy and cool, baby pink for girly and sweet, green to represent the fresh and fun warm weather, or yellow which is the perfect shade to rock for spring, try out the top nail art designs which graced the Runway to the Red Carpet!

Negative Space

negative nail art


This popular type of nail art is done by leaving a blank part in the artwork, which makes the entire nail look very edgy and compelling. To accomplish this look use striping tape then paint over the nail for your negative space or paint the nail first and wipe out some areas with a brush soaked in nail polish remover.


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half moon nail art

To accomplish this look, have two nail polish colors and hole reinforcers ready, which you can find at your local store. Paint your nail with your first color and allow to dry a bit.

The place the hole reinforce near your nail cuticle to create your half-moon. Paint over your entire nail with the second color, then carefully remove the sticker while to polish is still wet.


Diamond Embellishments

diamond nails

I mean, diamonds are a girl’s best friend! Why not add diamond to the nails for a more Spring-effect. When your nail art is complete, add a thin layer of top coat. Position the diamonds the way you like, then add another thin layer of top coat to hold.


Wispy Stripes

wispy stripes nail art

This type of nail art looks like an accessory on your finger tips. Wispy stripes can be created with a fan brush. However, you can always do this style by free hand.


Ombre Manicure

ombre nails

This nail art will be a blast to have for Spring 2015. This look is accomplishment by having two colors blended together to make that surfer-gyal look.

Paint your nail with one of your colors and allow to dry. Have a make-up sponge ready and paint your two colors on the sponge while blend the two together. Apply your sponge on your nail by tapping lightly until you get that ombre effect.

Always remember to add the final top coat for long-lasting nails. Have fun with your nails this Spring!

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