You want to know how to travel and see the world for free? One of the biggest concerns many of us have is always we cannot afford it. The truth is with a little sacrifice you can actually travel the world for free.

Look at it this way we spend our money on what we need and want. There are some people in the world who put money towards their responsibilities and whatever is left over (after pushing some funds into their savings), they use to splurge on what they choose.

We all have things we like to splurge on if we have the money to: shoes, hair, fashion, food, housing decor, etc, but with a little budgeting you can make travel happen.

Here are 5 ways you can travel for free:


Pretty much, this organization provides your food, housing, and accommodations in exchange for a few hours of work. The type of work will depend on whats listed. It usually outdoor and cultural work. For more information, go to

2. Couch surfing

The title is self-explanatory. is free of charge stay with locals. They can offer you a room or couch or bed of some sort for no charge. Now, is it safe? I can’t stay that, but then again everything has its downside so do your research.

3. House sitting

Say what? Yes, you can actually look after a random house or mansion while the owners are gone for days or weeks at a time.

They will let you stay in their house and maybe even look after their pets while you’re for free of charge. Some house sitting sites even say that you can be paid to house sit! Wow. House Sitters America is a legit site. It sounds bizarre, but it’s a huge money saver!

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4. Hostel cleaning

You’ve heard of hostels right? It’s usually the cheapest way to go if you just need somewhere comfortable to rest your head and meet awesome people.

The thing about a hostel is that you will most likely share an area with others. What most people don’t know is hostels are always looking for extra cleaning help. If you clean, they will allow you to stay at the hostel for free.

5. Working on a cruise ship

You can definitely get paid pretty well working on a cruise ship. If the sea life is for you, by all means, apply!

How have you saved money on traveling?

5 Out Of The Ordinary Ways To Travel Cheap


Well with a little sacrifice you can, check out our 5 tips for people wanting to travel far on a right budget!

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