Everyone dreads turning 30. In fact, some of us have nightmares about it. After all, you’re losing your youth, assuming more responsibilities and people start expecting you to act certain ways.

But the 30s isn’t all doom and gloom. In fact, it’s something you should be looking forward to. Here’s why:

1. You are wiser

Discovery is part of growing up. Throughout your teens and 20s, you try new things, fail in stuff, change your style more often than you’d like to admit, experiment and do or say things you instantly regret.

Well, guess what? These are all experiences, good and bad, that help shape us. When you enter your 30s, you tend to make fewer mistakes, and experience helps you to make the right decisions. In general, the 30s is when you know yourself and what you want.

2. You are now stable

Constantly changing your style and career makes for a shaky life. Like, maybe you always dreamed of being an engineer, but when you finally have the opportunity to study for it, it feels wrong.

When you’re in your 30s, you know what career you want to pursue. This leads to a more stable lifestyle. In fact, the 30s is when you truly become a professional, as now it’s you who shows the intern what to do.
The 30s is also where you get significant promotions, so money stops being as big an issue as in your 20s.

3. Your relationships are healthier

In our 20s, we tend to have friends who are constantly bad influences. They persuade us to do things we wouldn’t normally do, like drugs, or might be always nagging and bugging us.

In our 30s, we tend to lose these friends. Popularity and fitting in aren’t as important anymore, so we tend to hang out with the people we actually like. Similarly, relationships are also healthier

4. Your dreams are about to come true

We all set life goals for ourselves. In the 20s, we make the first step in achieving these goals. In our 30s, we achieve these goals or get much closer to achieving them.

In fact, we reach numerous peaks in both our professional and personal life during our 30s: landing our dream job or promotion, getting married and/or starting a family, and more.

5. This is your decade

In our teens and 20s, it’s very easily to be influenced by the people in our life because everyone tries to dictate how we should live.

In our 30s, though, our parents and elders finally treat us as adults. As such, there’s no more pressure of pursuing the career your parents and friends want for you, or following your friends’ whims.

In your 30s, your main focus is on yourself and your life, and doing whatever you can to make it as wonderful as possible.

Though turning 30 might seem like a cause for an anxiety attack, it’s actually one of the best—if not the best—decades of your life. So when you finally leave your 20s, rejoice because you’re entering an even better decade.

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