Recently Toya Wright and her ex hubby Memphitz gave some insight into their unconventional open marriage practice. Toya admitted to giving her then husband of four years 8 times a year where he could sleep with anyone he would like. During the show Untieing the Knot he was asked if he cheated on his wife:

No, not without a hall pass,” Memphitz said. “She gives me eight days a year to do what I wanna do, no questions asked.”

“See, he don’t like rules,” Wright replied.

However, Memphitz refused to afford Wright the same sexual freedom in their marriage.

“She doesn’t need that. She’s a woman. She’s a girl,” he said.

Here is why hall passes are ridiculous!

1. Men have self control too

The idea that men are just carnal beings and need ‘help’ with alleviating some of the stress of being hyper sexual is ridiculous. Believe it or not their are men who do not cheat on their wives and who are very satisfied with their relationship.

2. Free passes do not work

Let Monique tell you! Hall passes do not work, they put unnecessary strain on any relationship in the short and long run. If you are going to have an affair just go ahead and do it then deal with your repercussions, do not seek permission because you want your cake and you want to eat it too. Grow up!

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3. You are worth a commitment

We seem to forget that we are actually worth commitment and dedication in our relationships. Unless there was some indication that your marriage was done on shaky foundation in the fist place.

4. Hall passes do not fix what is broken

Broken relationships need focus attention and intention on mending. Hall passes are only band-aids that unfortunately do not heal the wound.

5. Disease 

This is pretty self explanatory, but unless you in the business of testing everyone your man sleeps, this practice is pretty dangerous to your man and to you.


Do you believe that hall passes makes relationships stronger?  We would love your comments below!

5 Reasons why you should NOT give your man a hall pass to cheat


Do you believe that hall passes makes relationships stronger? Here are 5 reasons why should not give your man a hall pass.

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