We all desire to be more attractive to the opposite sex. A lot of women go to great pains (both physically and financially) to achieve this: tons of makeup, hours spent in the gym, plastic surgery and more.

What if we told you that there are only a few things that men find typically attractive? This post lists 5 things men say they find totally attractive about the opposite sex.

1. When they smile

Get used to keeping a smile on your face. Smiling makes you look more approachable and friendly, and this will make people comfortable talking to you.

A smile also makes a man look twice if you pass him by on the street. Even if you feel like punching someone or drowning yourself in sorrow, just keep that smile. It works wonders.

2. When they are feminine

Fine, you curse like a demented sailor, know all the statistics about Kobe Bryant and can drink any guy to the ground.

This isn’t bad, as long as you supplement it with doing something feminine. Remind him that you’re a woman and he’ll treat you like one. Act like a bro and he’ll just see you as one of the guys. Being an all out tomboy is not sexy to most men.

3. When they use less makeup

The makeup industry has taught women all over the world that they are naturally unattractive and can’t survive without layers of chemicals on their faces.

Well, here’s the thing: lots of guys prefer women who either don’t wear makeup or use very little of it. If you use tons of makeup and you date a guy, the instant he sees how you look without is the moment you lose him.

Also, try not to go for implants. If you get massive boobs that the guys can clearly see are fake, they’ll probably only treat you like a sex object. Just sayin~

4. When they wear something unique

Even if you follow all the latest fashion trends, sometimes it’s better just to be different. If you wear a unique hat, necklace, dress or any other noticeable accessory, you will stand out.

You’ll get more attention this way, rather than by wearing the latest dress which everyone else owns. Hell, it might even be a conversation starter.

5. When they walk with confidence

Be confident when you walk. How? By holding your head and eyes up, and keeping your body as relaxed as possible. Men are attracted to confident women.

Women put a lot of effort into looking good. But following these simple tips will make you just as–if not more–attractive.

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