With all the things we go through in life, it sometimes gets hard to focus on the relationship. As such, a rift can grow between you and your loved one, and you might not even know why.

So it’s always good to keep doing things that will remind you why you love each other. These are 5 simple yet effective things you can do to make sure the spark never dies.

Social networks are addictive, so we really should try to limit how much time we spend logged in, and especially how much they influence our lives.

For instance, if you text your boyfriend when he wrongs you instead of talking to him directly, this will cause a rift. Communication is one of the most important things in a successful relationship, so choosing to address your issues any way other than face-to-face is a sure way to doom it.

2. Give a no-strings-attached gift

Just buy them or make them something small (or big). And don’t expect anything in return; not even a thank you.

The point is to show how much you love them, and you just want them to have a brilliant day. If you do get something in return, just think of it as a bonus.

3. Give a pleasant surprise

Do something you never (or rarely) do. It could be cooking dinner, doing their chores, sending them a gift when they are at work.

Basically, it should just be something that will surprise them—in a good way. Their interest in you will be renewed, because you’ll be “full of surprises” and this will be exciting.

4. Try something new

Couples with long-lasting relationships are those who often try new things. It doesn’t need to be something extreme like going skydiving or mountain climbing—though that also works. Basically, you could just do something in a new way.

For instance, you could dance just before breakfast on a weekend, or even do chores together while singing. It depends on your imagination. Heck, you can even try out new dishes.

5. Watch what they want

Even couples can’t be the same in everything. There are times you’ll want to watch something different from them.

One day, just let them pick a movie or a show—or even a sport—you can both watch. It’s a thoughtful move, so next time they’ll probably reciprocate.

A relationship is something you constantly work on so that the love only grows stronger with time. Follow these tips, and you’ll see a change in the way your loved one treats you.

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