We all sometimes find ourselves with a job that we hate. Whether it’s demanding or you just simply hate what you do, but every time that alarm clock rings you start to cry, moan and snooze it eventually.

Although you hate it so much, you need the money or you don’t want to put yourself in job-searching position. We see your pain. Here are 5 tips to survive that job you hate.

1. Talk about it

Whether to your partner, your parents, your friends or your shrink… Talk to someone about how much you hate your job. They can give you some advice about it. Besides talking about it will make you less stressed about it.

2. See it as a fuel

A fuel that encourages you to make something perfect. Start writing that book you always wanted to write or join a cooking class. Use that rage inside you to do that thing you always dreamed of.

3. Make time for yourself

Spare this weekend for yourself. Go somewhere and do what you want to do. Turn off your phone and don’t think about those emails. Or just use that time to create a new career for yourself.

If a weekend is not enough, take some time off and book a holiday. Just you. Or with the people you want around while relaxing.

4. Work freelance

Is there any other thing you can do freelance? Start right now if you enjoy doing it. If you establish the right connections, you may even turn it into a full time job and then you can ditch that job you hate. You will become your own boss and you will be doing something you like.

5. Reward yourself

Plan something with girls after work. Go for a drink, a movie or a game with your besties. And think about how much fun you will have while you are doing that job you hate.

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Do you have other tips to survive the jobs we hate? Share with us, comment below!



5 Tips to Survive a Job you hate. 1) Talk about it. 2) See it as Fuel. 3) Make time for yourself. 4) Work Freelance. 5) Reward Yourself.

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