Life is full of stress. Some types we can avoid and some we can’t. Toxic people are among the major contributors to stress, so we should kick them to the curb. But if you’re not sure if the people you know are people you should weed out of your life, here are 5 types of toxic people.

1. Serial liars

We all lie. In fact, research shows that we lie even to people we’ve just met, and we do it virtually daily. However, most lies are small and generally don’t cause a lot of trouble.

Except when they do. There are people who lie more than they tell the truth. In fact, they are the kind of people you never trust when they tell you something unless they have proof or someone else is backing them up.

These liars will stress you out every time you talk to them, because you’ll always have a sneaky feeling that everything they are telling you is a plain lie. If it’s something important, you’ll keep stressing over their words.

2. The Self-centred

These are people so arrogant they can teach a king humility. They are always full of themselves and they like to think everyone they know is inferior to them (including you).

When you’re together, you’ll likely be getting an earful of how perfect their lives are or how everyone is against them simply because they are better. Hanging around people like these is almost certain to damage your personal development because you might actually start to have an inferiority complex.

3. Backstabbers

Backstabbers are always friendly, agreeable and cool when they are around you. But the instant you turn your back, they turn into foul-mouthed, backstabbing trolls.

These are the people who spread false rumors about you, who tell the world your embarrassing secrets. They are terrified of confrontation, though, and will always lie with a straight face if you accuse them of dirtying your reputation.

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Avoid back-stabbers like the plague. They will cost your relationships, the respect your friends have for you and sometimes even your job.

4. Leeches

Leeches only communicate with you so they can leech off you. To them, you’re a walking bank account that they can always suck dry and feed off. They don’t believe in relying on themselves because chances are you’ve already spoiled them with your generosity.

They are masters in turning small talk into an avenue of complaining about their lack of money and how things are going so bad for them right now. They know how to manipulate you so you’ll always give them what they want. For your financial sanity, stay away from the leeches.

5. Grown-Up Kids

These are the people who just don’t want to hear about responsibility. They can get a job, but they’d much rather think about applying for one, and they always complain about work if they are employed. They still party like they are in college, and you feel weird being seen with them.



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