Raising children is a lot of work, and raising them right is even tougher. For the longest time, it’s been the mother’s job to most of the raising while the dad was content with paying the bills and chugging beer. Things have changed, though. So, what makes a man a father whose children can look up to him?

1. He has a hold on his temper

Kids have a tendency to test your patience. They’ll lie to you, mess up the house, lose things… A lot of men will snap almost every time.

However, a great father will know when to discipline his children and when to leave them with just a word of caution or a piece of advice. In short, he’s ruled by logic, not emotions.

2. He makes time

Children will keep your hands full, and there’s hardly ever a break. However, just being in the home isn’t enough. The best dad will make time to take kids out somewhere.

Even if it’s just the park, outings are often among children’s fondest memories. Just think back on your own childhood.

3. He’s flexible

It’s good to maintain one’s standards. However, a father shouldn’t adhere strictly to this. Times change, and every generation grows up differently.

For instance, more and more teenagers are having sex nowadays, whether or not their parents approve. Instead of telling them they must never have sex under any circumstances (in fact, some parents never even talk about things like sex, and act shocked when they have a pregnant daughter), the father should talk to them about the dangers of pre-marital sex and the options available. This way, the children will become more responsible with their lives.

4. He follows his own teachings

A father shouldn’t tell his kids not to drink, then stagger home drunk. More than words, children follow by example. And they always look up to their parents.

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If the father warns them not to do something, saying it’s wrong, and they see him doing the exact same thing later on, they will lose their respect. And loss of respect means they won’t listen to his advice, no matter how sensible it is.

5. They support their kids’ dreams

Letting your kids have their fantasies is essential if you want them to aim high in life, and there are lots of ways to do this. A brilliant dad will play with your kids and indulge in their imaginations.

If they play pirates, he’ll be Blackbeard. If they play Peter Pan, he’ll be there with them. A brilliant father will always fuel their creativity.

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5 Traits All Great Fathers Have


A brilliant father will always fuel their creativity and love their kids regardless. Here are 5 traits all great gathers have.

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