man-with-shopping-bag-bored-while-woman-searches-clothes-rack4. Broke as a joke but always spending

You cant play ‘captain-save-a-heux’ all the time, women have to have there ish together too especially if you are doing the best you can with your finances.

Money is a two way street, she does not have to be filthy rich but if you are hard working so should your woman. Shopaholics who do have to have the latest designer trends but hate being responsible will run you into the ground.

We know housewives who run an efficient home with every thing on point including finances. Be careful of the lazy moocher she might not make you very happy long term.

5. Social Sandy

So women have a ton of friends and love to party it up. But when you get married family always comes first. If your girl is always in the club grinding on the next dude even when you are in a serious relationship this might not work for a marriage situation.

She might be cute as a button but every wife needs to have their priorities straight, and the club should not be high up on the list.

What kind of women do you think are not the marrying kind?