People can definitely take life too seriously, especially at the workplace. You clock in, do your job, clock out, then get paid.

That’s basically the jist of having a job, but work doesn’t have to only be work. You and your co-workers spend most of your work-day at your job, so why not spice things up? Your workplace doesn’t have to be so dry and quiet all the time.

Having fun and doing team building activities not only allows you to really get to know your co-workers, but this can also increase productivity and create incentives to go above and beyond the expected workflow of each employee. Implement some of these ideas at your job to have more smiles and fun:

1. Random fun to meetings 

Meetings are already boring to begin with, so add random things to spice them up. Have a person start the meeting with a joke or funny story, let each employee say a “good thing, bad thing,”.

Present a rule that you have to use your noisemaker before you speak, or make decisions with your whistles, “All in favor, make some noise!”

2. Team building activities

This is one of the greatest ways to not only have fun, but to get to know your co-workers on a personal level.

This can take 30 minutes on any day. Try the beach ball toss, where one person asks a question when tossing the ball to another member who has to hit the ball with an answer.

Do different exercises at certain times of the day with your shoes on that would be interesting with the women wearing heels!

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3. Spirit Week! 

Just like school, have lots of fun during a specific week to promote workflow spirit and unity. Get out the boring casual business wear and try different themes like: Superhero Day, Crazy Hat Day,

‘Blast from the Past Day’, and ‘College T-shirt Day’. Not only will this get the fun going, but you will get to really see everyone’s true personalities and silliness.

4. Pitch-in

What brings everyone together in a happy mood and family-like atmosphere? Food! This can be themed or just something as simple for the day.

5. Celebrate the holidays

Have some fun by doing an Easter egg hunt and watch the employees crawl on the ground to find the eggs.

Do the elephant gift exchange for Christmas time or throw parties for the employees birthdays. This idea will definitely get some laughs!

5. Yearly Awards

Your job may already have “5 year of service award” or “Most dedicated to the job award.” Make your awards extra silly like “Smooth Operator Award” for the one who handles the phone calls in a calm way, even when they want to scream.

How about the “Champagne Award” for the one with the most bubbly personality. Not only will this create lots of laughs, but this will show extra-appreciation for the employees.

Try out a few of these tips to get your workplace to be more fun and not just your day-to-day job.



Your workplace doesn’t have to be so dry and quiet all the time. Here are 5 ways you can make your day job absolutely fun.

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