In this day and age it seems like everyone is retreating to social media and online dating apps to find dates. What ever happened to meeting someone out randomly at a coffee shop?!

If you’re anything like me and prefer to actually meet someone the old fashioned way instead of taking the route of technology then keep reading for my top 5 ways to meeting guys offline.

1. Go Out Alone

Now you may look at me like I’m crazy but going out alone is the easiest way for guys to approach you. Try going out to to a restaurant and eating at the bar. There are typically other singles out and who knows you might meet someone you hit it off with.

2. Don’t Be Desperate 

In the same fashion, while going out don’t look like a desperado begging for someone to approach you, because they won’t. Don’t let searching for a guy being the sole purpose of getting out, do it for you!

3. Stop Trying So Hard

If you’re trying to meet someone casually out don’t get all fancy to go to the grocery store. I typically grocery shop and run my errands in workout clothes with no make up, ultimately not really caring and get approached by men more frequently than when I actually get dolled up.

4. Be Yourself

Most importantly be yourself. If you bump into someone and they spark up a conversation don’t try to be someone you’re not. If you over embellish yourself it will show and is definitely not a good look.

5. Get Out In The Community

Get out and do things you love. Volunteer at a local Boys and Girls Club. Join a church ministry. Get a membership at a nearby gym. If you’re getting out and living life instead of searching for a man I guarantee you will stumble upon someone in your league.

5 Ways To Meet Guys Offline As A Millennial


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If you’re anything like me and prefer to actually meet someone the old fashioned way here are our top 5 ways to meeting guys offline.

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