Remember back in the day when Lane Bryant had virtually no competition when it came to getting relatively interesting pieces for the curvy girl?

Well things have certainly changed! These day I can go to a regular department store or even designer shop with my skinny little sister and come out with just as many bags as she has or more.

Fashion has started to become inclusive, the run ways are inclusive, modeling agency’s cannot survive without representation from the curvy girl. So if you want more details on just how fashion is changing for the girl with hips and a bit of booty keep reading!

1. The options are out of this world

You can find whatever piece you want in whatever style you want whether you are curvy or not. Not to mention the variety of colors. Now we do not just find blacks or whites, we have prints, bold colors and patterns that are gracing the run ways and our favorite stores.

2. Our clothing are tailored

The worse thing in the world is going to a store and having to pick from all these clothes with stretchy material. Almost like you are wearing a giant colored elastic band.

Now we can find solid pieces that are tailored to fit and embrace our shape the way we like them to. Dresses are even made to fit instead of just sheets.

3. Curvy Bathing suits

There is no way we could do a post like this and not mention the sheer bliss of countless styles in bathing suits on the market. You can go on vacation with a suit for every day of the week and feel absolutely confident about what you are wearing.

The suits are sexy, and super stylish and like with clothing they are no longer one drab color.

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4. Designers are noticing the plus size market

Designers are starting to realize the benefits of an untapped market. Fashion leaders are no longer limiting their sizes they are catering to the curvy girl in a very real and effective way.

5. No more ‘you cant wear that!’

The rules have been thrown out the window and curvy girls can pretty much wear anything they want. Crop tops, short skirts, long skirts, sheer skirts the list goes on and on.

Yup things are changing in fashion and as girl with hips for days, I am pretty pleased by it!




This post looks at 5 ways, the fashion industry has changed for curvy girls

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