One of the most annoying things at my gym is that ‘Big Ass Fan’ they have to cool all of us off while we are trying to get warm. The fan is huge, hence the name! When you want to just hit the weights  you have to figure out ways to keep yourself warm so that your muscles can perform better.

Additionally it is important to keep your heart rate up even though you aren’t focused on cardio in the moment. Sneaking cardio in burns more calories than just lifting but it can be hard to find ways to get some in especially with no cardio equipment in the weight area.

The great thing is, you do not need big bulky equipment, here are 5 ways to sneak cardio in between sets:

1. Kettle bell swings

Kettleball Exercise

Kettle bells are easy to carry around with you as you move around. Do 25 swings in between sets to keep your heart rate up and condition your body. Not to mention this is a great conditioning exercise for your whole body.

2. Jump rope

Jump Rope

This is an easy way to sneak in some cardio, jump for about 30 seconds which is about the amount of time you would rest between sets anyway. Jumping rope is the most effective cardio exercise known to man, so grab your rope and stick it in your gym bag.

3. Step ups

Step up

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All gyms have step up stools now that you can use in between sets, but if yours doesn’t just use a bench. Do about 15 reps per leg, the higher the stool the higher the burn. If you use weights with the step up, keep them light since this is just a filler exercise.

4. Jumping jacks

Jumping Jacks

Yes this is old school but watch your heart rate sky rocket as you jump. Aim for about 25 times and keep your feet light so that you aren’t creating too much solid impact on your knees.

5. Farmers walk

If you are doing a farmers walk in between sets we would suggest using lighter weights. The farmers walk keeps your core in check and strengthens your arms, your back, your shoulders and the list can go on and on. Walk around the track at the gym if you have one, or just map out a little route in between sets.

Filler exercises are great for conditioning so do not leave them out the next time you plan to hit the weights!

5 Ways To Sneak Cardio Into Your Weights Workout


Do you need some great filler cardio exercises for your weights work out? Check out this post for 5 suggestions on how to sneak cardio in.

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