What may work in one culture, may seem simply bizarre to say the least. As the fairer sex, women from around the globe have always tried to accentuate their looks with folk remedies, weird animal products, or even so-called “magic” procedures.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the more wild items out there that will simply blow your mind and may make your stomach turn.

Ground Pig Placenta – Japan


In case you didn’t know, placenta is tissue that grows inside of women when they are pregnant and is also known as afterbirth. Sounds exactly what you would want to put on your skin right?

There’s really not too much science to support this one but it remains quite popular in Japan. Ladies there believe it restores energy and youth to the skin. I’d rather take my chances with some good old Noxzema.

Bull Sperm Conditioner – UK


Hari’s is an upscale salon in London that offers the Aberdeen Organic Bull Semen Treatment.  You would think they would figure out a way to cover up the term “semen” but they’re not pulling any punches with this treatment.

For $85, a “hair mask” is created with the protein-rich compound that results in incredibly shiny hair that restores body. The treatment is casually referred to as “Viagra for Hair”. Who cares how well it’s disgusting.

Snail Slime Cream – Chile



Yes your read that right…believe it or not, this beauty item is popular with the ladies of Chile. It may seem pretty gross at first but actually Snail serum has been clinically proven to maintain beautiful skin as well as improve cell function. It prevents premature skin aging and wrinkles. Go figure!

Bird’s Dropping Facials – Japan


You knew something from Japan had to show up on this list. Putting bird poo on your face is not a most traditional of beauty treatments, but this technique dates back to 18th century geishas.

There is some science to support the fact that the amino acids in the compound reduce wrinkles and skin damage. Be warned is you think bird poop is for you, it will set you back $180 at Shizuka New York Day Spa, for  a 50-minute facial.

Ambergris – New Zealand


One of the few things on this list that sounds less gross than it is, ambergris is is a solid, waxy substance originating in the intestine of sperm whales.

When the sperm whale releases its bowels, the ambergris is usually expelled through the rectum. The chunks float onto the surface where the sun sterilizes and cooks them.

Apparently someone thought this would make a good beauty treatment at some point and is usually powered and turned into an eye cream and is also used in many perfumes and oil.




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