Are you thinking of getting a tattoo? If yes, you should think long and hard on it, because a tattoo is something you’re stuck with for the rest of your life.

That being said, there are people who have made some regrettable choices when it came to ink. You don’t have to make the same mistakes, so here are some types of tattoos which you should never even consider getting (the chances of regretting your choice are just too high).

1. Crosses

These tats are everywhere, especially with rappers. But why would you get one? If it’s because everyone has one, then you should consider building your self-esteem.

If it’s because you’re a devout Christian and want to flaunt it with to the world, I have a feeling other Christians will frown on it. So, there’s really no reason to get a tattoo unless you really, really want one. Which is still not a good enough reason.

2. Foreign words/phrases

Maybe you believe you’re cultured or worldly and you want to flaunt it. If you don’t know the language, here’s my advice: don’t.

There are far too many instances of people getting tattoos which don’t mean what they think; Japanese and Arabic symbols are usually the most notorious.

3. Someone’s Name

Most tattoo removals are of people’s names. Why? Because people are bound to disappoint us or break our hearts, one way or another. Even if it’s not a lover, don’t do it.

If you want to honor your parents, you might regret your decision when they do something that completely embarrasses you. If you’re getting the name of your child, you might want to wait until they hit puberty.

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4. Photorealistic tattoos

Most people don’t get tattoo of portraits or pictures because the tats will never look that good. Even with a master tattooist, the ink will look like a pale imitation of the real thing at best.

5. Music lyrics

Oh, you’re obsessed about a song? You love the artiste so much that you want their lyrics to be part of your body? Please don’t. It’s almost guaranteed that your favourite musician will change.

When you get older, you might even wonder how you could have been so stupid as to like some band (like Nickelback). Imagine if you tattooed the lyrics to “How You Remind Me”. I rest my case.

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Are you thinking about getting a tattoo? Read this post before you get your first ink or you may end up on our list of worst types of tattoos.

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