For a lot of women, when Valentine’s Day comes and you have a date, you are probably excited about the gift you’ll get and seeing what your man will do for you.

However, while getting gifts is great, giving a thoughtful one just as important. Even though pleasing a man isn’t all that hard, some gifts are just appalling—and potentially detrimental to your relationship. Here are 5 gifts you should not even consider getting your guy.

1. Gym Membership

So he’s not in a gym but he keeps talking about joining one. Getting him gym membership won’t make him feel good because it will show you don’t like him the way he is (and will make him feel unattractive).

For a day you’re supposed to show how much you appreciate him, this is probably the most unromantic thing you can do.

If he’s already in a gym, extending his membership will make him feel like you are only with him because of his body.


So, one way or another, gym membership is an effective way to make him insecure and get him to start questioning your relationship.

Less strenuous alternative: membership to something he likes that isn’t a potential landmine in a relationship. It could be Netflix, Xbox Live, HBO… You get the idea.

2. A tattoo of his name

The only way this can be acceptable is if you’ve been dating him for over a decade and you know, without a doubt, that you’re going to spend the rest of your lives together. And he has to be as crazy about you as you are about him.

If you aren’t on the exact same wave length, a tattoo will probably freak him out and make you seem obsessive.

Less painful alternative: if you have to put his name on something, put it on a beer glass. If he likes beer (he probably does) this will be a nice, thoughtful gift. If it comes with actual beer, even better.

3. Nothing

Now, men aren’t that obsessed about receiving gifts. But if we spend the time (and money) to make Valentine’s a special day for you, a gift from you would be nice. It would show that you actually think of us.

Less empty alternative: something. Even a video game will do.

4. Stuffed Animals

Even if it’s the cutest and cuddliest thing you’ve ever seen, and it reminds you of your man in the best way possible, don’t.

Unless he’s a child (which would be pretty disturbing), he’ll probably wonder if he looks that feminine to you. He’ll likely put it somewhere and forget about it forever (like the trash can).

Less stuffy alternative: mounted animals (even fake ones) are better than teddy bears any day.

5. Self-Help/Romance Books


Unless he has a large collection of self-help or romance books and is always excited about the latest release, this is probably not what you should get him.

Chances are he prefers a thriller or horror to being told how his life is worthless and he should improve himself.

More helpful alternative: if he reads, get him a book by his favorite author or from his favorite genre. Don’t just assume he’ll love any book you’ll get him.

If you want Valentine’s Day to be special for both of you, try not to get him any of these “gifts”. Your man will thank you.

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