For a lot of women, when Valentine’s Day comes and you have a date, you are probably excited about the gift you’ll get and seeing what your man will do for you.

However, while getting gifts is great, giving a thoughtful one just as important. Even though pleasing a man isn’t all that hard, some gifts are just appalling—and potentially detrimental to your relationship. Here are 5 gifts you should not even consider getting your guy.

1. Gym Membership

So he’s not in a gym but he keeps talking about joining one. Getting him gym membership won’t make him feel good because it will show you don’t like him the way he is (and will make him feel unattractive).

For a day you’re supposed to show how much you appreciate him, this is probably the most unromantic thing you can do.

If he’s already in a gym, extending his membership will make him feel like you are only with him because of his body.


So, one way or another, gym membership is an effective way to make him insecure and get him to start questioning your relationship.

Less strenuous alternative: membership to something he likes that isn’t a potential landmine in a relationship. It could be Netflix, Xbox Live, HBO… You get the idea.