Big and Lil 50 Cent

Talk about father and son bonding. 50 Cent’s son, Sire, probably didn’t expect much on his 2nd birthday. After all, he’s only 2. But being the dad he is, Fiddy made sure he got his son something he won’t forget anytime soon.

Lil 50 got himself a Lil Mercedes Benz that looks similar to his dad’s own SUV. The rapper posted a photo on Instagram showing the toy car (with Sire inside it) just in front of his own Mercedes, saying his son makes him look like he’s getting soft.

“Lol he make me look like I’m getting soft. Lil50 trippin LMAO#SMSAUDIO #thebeauty”

Sire looked pretty adorable driving the car in the photos his dad took, though his smile was upside-down and he looked like he meant business. But maybe that’s how he celebrates. Or maybe he just wanted a tricycle. Whatever the case, shorty was going like it was his birthday.

“My dad told me we gotta get this money, So back to work. #littlebossintraining”

Well, the kid certainly looks like he’s training to be a boss. What kind of boss he wants to be, though, is open to interpretation.

The car isn’t the only thing Lil 50 got. His dad also hooked him up with a birthday cake, which they ate over the weekend, and footed the bill for the kid’s massive Ferrari themed birthday party on Monday.


You can’t blame 50 Cent for going all out, even if his kid is getting spoiled in the process and might not appreciate what he has until he’s older (perhaps not even then).

Every decent dad should make sure his kid gets the best out of life. To dads with average incomes, that means buying their kids a tricycle or something else that’s simple and affordable.

To 50 Cent and other dads with stratospheric incomes, it’s a miniature Mercedes SUV or some other extravagant gift; it wouldn’t be surprising if the kid got a gold-plated toy car or something similar.

50 wasn’t born in wealth, and his life choices and the albums he’s released (like Get Rich or Die Tryin’) echo his dissatisfaction with not having enough. So, it’s fitting that he’s giving his son the things he couldn’t get at the same age. After all, if you had over a hundred million dollars in the bank, wouldn’t you splurge even a little on your kid?

Love him or hate him, the rapper is living it up, and he’s taking Lil 50 along for the ride.