You think you know men? Think again. There are numerous things about men that everyone assumes they are true but actually they are myths.

These general assumptions can cause problems in your relationship and if you are single you may miss the perfect man just because you believe the labels that society puts on him. We have listed the things about men you should stop believing immediately.

1. Men have commitment issues

This common perception created by media lead women to think men are not monogamous. In fact studies show that women are more likely to have commitment issues. Guys search for “the one” and if he finds her, he keeps her forever.

2. Climax is a sure thing for men

Nope, not at all guys, sometimes have difficulty getting there just like some women do. Guys fake climax too and if you are using condoms for protection, it will be easier for him to fake and you may be none the wiser.

3. The bigger the hands, the bigger the package

“His feet are so big that I bet his package is huge” “He’s the tallest guy I’ve ever met, he must have a big ding dong” (Queue door bell music here) Sorry ladies. You cannot measure a guy’s package size just looking at his feet or hands. There’s no scientific proof about these myths. You just have to… Well, look at it.

4. Men don’t like women to ask them out 

Everyone appreciates being admired and liked. Whoever set those stupid dating rules must really not want us humans to get ahead. Go ahead, girls, don’t miss out the guy you like. Be classy but ask him out. They like it!

5. Men don’t have emotions

They do. You just need to break the masculinity/ pride wall to reach that emotional side of the guy. Men can actually be more emotional than women they just don’t show it like you do. With some guys you may have difficulty closing those floodgates once they are open!

6. Men think about sex every 7 seconds

This outrageous belief about men thinking sex every seven seconds is of course wrong. Men have a need-based cognition system and they certainly think about sex more than women but every seven seconds is ridiculous.

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Men have been subject to a lot of myths for many years here are 6 crazy myths we have debunked.

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