Have you heard it before that some things are better when done together? Studies have shown that engaging in an exercise with a partner is more beneficial than the treadmill solo. Doing an exercise with your boyfriend, a co-worker, or a relative can keep spirits high, increase accountability, and even lead to better results. Most importantly, It can also rev your partner’s libido. With that in mind, let’s look at 6 vital exercises that prove that teamwork can make your workouts to be more fun and exciting.


Squats work in improving your leg and core muscles, and you can even enhance your general workout by adding weights to exercise your arms as well. The squat is done by standing with the width of your feet shoulder apart, keeping your back in a straight line direction, and bending your knees as if you were sitting in a chair.

Indoor Aerobic Exercise

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, indoor aerobic or cardiovascular exercises such as lunges, high knees, jumping jack etc, can help to strengthen your heart because it makes the heart pump at a higher rate for an extended period. Indoor aerobic activities also help in managing cholesterol and blood pressure, strengthening the spine and preventing weight gain while improving the level of your energy and simply making you feel better.

Strength or Resistance Training

Strength training can help to build your body stamina and help in replacing the fat in your body with lean muscle mass. This encourages an efficient burning of calories in your body. Strength training also helps in counteracting the loss of muscle associated with aging. Pull-ups, push-ups, working out on weight machines or lifting free weights are all examples of strength-training activities.

Body Stretching

Stretching is a vital element in any fitness program. Engaging in body stretching 2 or 3 times a week or after each strength training workout or indoor aerobic exercise can improve the range of motion and blood circulation in your joints. Stretching can even help in promoting better body posture and in relieving stress. Dancing, yoga poses, and touching of your toes can stretch your body effectively.

Plank Exercise

This form of exercise is done by getting into something that looks like a push-up position. However, you rest your upper body weight on your whole forearm instead of resting it on your hands. Hold the position as long as possible. The tension you create between your arms and your toes from trying to keep your body straight will be essential for maintaining your leg, core, neck, shoulder, and upper arm muscles.

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Burpees are a great way of engaging all the areas of your body in just a few motions while exercising in the gym. This is done by dropping into a crouching position from a standing position, thrusting your legs out backwards into a push-up position, jumping back into your crouching position, and then jumping up as high as possible with your arms up.

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