1. Eat at least one raw meal per day

Despite what they tell you on that Nutrisystem commercial, whole food is always better for your body mind and soul. In 2015 if you could commit to just one meal that was fully raw and organic it would make a world of difference in your energy both physically and mentally.

– Juice – This is a subset to this point as it is a great way to get in a full load of nutrients even more than a raw meal, so if Santa brought you a juicer this year. Use it!

2. Weight Lift

You can lose weight by running on a treadmill and getting a great sweaty workout in every day but I don’t care what size you are if you aren’t shaping and conditioning your muscles you wont see the potential of what you can create with your body. Get a trainer to teach you the basics of weight training or a work out buddy that does it often and get started, nobody ever got fat from lifting weights.

3. Drink just water

Forget all that Crystal Light bullshit, drink all natural filtered water only. Water improves every function of your body and even though water additives like Crystal Light claim to not add calories, they do add something, just look at the ingredients.

4. Commit to a daily affirmation

They say that the mind is a powerful thing, and sometimes we tell ourselves such awful and hateful things in the mirror, “look at your ass, jeez”, “I hate my big forehead”. Then we take a million selfies to fulfill some crazy need to get affirmation from a bunch of people we don’t even know. Commit to telling yourself how beautiful you are daily, envision the life you want everyday even when negative thoughts come in. Do it until the negativity disappears.

5. Do something physical that you have never done before

Swimming, hiking, a marathon, rock climbing or something as simple as a dance class, ballet perhaps? There is more to a physical lifestyle than just going to the gym like a robot.

Have some fun, enjoy outside for a bit in the Spring and Summer and learn something new, it will make a world of difference in your lifestyle.

6. Watch Forks over Knives, Food Inc, and Fat Sick And Nearly Dead

Do you have Netflix? Hulu Plus or a DVD player? Watch all of these documentaries at least once in 2015, they really open your eyes to the food industry, nutrition and how controlled things are in this Country. We need to determine what enters our body and not the US Congress.

What fitness goals have you committed to for 2015?

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