Summer is here and you may find yourself at a party at a beach club during the weekend. You may forget to count the cocktails or beers you drink while you are partying or chatting with friends. And as a result you may wake up with the worst hangover ever.

It happens. You know you shouldn’t but sometimes a great night can make you forget the after effects of alcohol. The best cure is to drink responsibly but we have the other best cures for you.

1. Stay Hydrated

During the night, while you are gulping down those cocktails, drink water too. If you stay hydrated, the hangover effects will be less disastrous. When you wake up, if your stomach allows, drink as many cups of water as you can.

2. Don’t wake up

If you don’t have to work or go to somewhere, sleep it off. Shut yourself down and let your body heal itself. Our bodies have this amazing recovering abilities and while you’re sleeping you can skip past the worst effects of your hangover.

3.Take pain relievers

Take an aspirin or ibuprofen to ease your pain. While they may work differently on people, pain relievers can help you turn back to yourself again. You can also try some hangover specific pills. Legendary Alka Seltzer has some sparkling choices for you.

4. Drink sports drinks

Sports drinks contain electrolytes and electrolytes help you overcome that hangover. Drink a bottle of Powerade and regain your energy while your body is busy recovering itself. The electrolytes will help you body restore its power. If you want something natural, try coconut water instead of a sports drink.

5. Eat light

Contrary to the popular belief, eating greasy food will not help you overcome that hangover. Have a light breakfast accompanied by a glass of orange juice – or any kind of juice – and plenty of water.

6. Don’ts

Do not exercise, it may have help at first but it’s not the best cure.
Do not drink more alcohol, don’t trust the hair of the dog, it may ease the pain at first, but it will become worse later.
Do not have coffee, you need to stay hydrated not dehydrated.

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6 Hangover Cures And Remedies That Actually Work


A day after a great party you may find yourself in need of hangover cures. We have the best hangover cures and remedies for you to get you through the day.

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