Relationships are filled with choices. When two people are in love, it’s always about the next step. You choose to make your significant other meet your parents, you choose to go back and fourth between your place and their place to spend more time and then you choose to put an end to this time-consuming and exhausting schedule and move in together.

Proposing moving in together is as important as proposing getting married. Yes, you may be extremely happy about that but these kind of important decisions bring huge questions and responsibilities along with them. Are you really ready to do this? Here are 6 questions to be answered before you move in together.

1. Is it really the right time?

How long are you two together? Is it enough to make this kind of commitment? Sure, you are in love and everything, but do you really know the person you are going to share a living space with?

If you are going to be living together, you need to know every detail about your significant other. There’s no need to be paranoid but some might turn out to be serial killers or child rapists, who knows? In order to get to know them closely, you need quite a long time. Do not consider living together after three or four months.

2. Are you on the same page?

If you are thinking about moving in together, you should want the same things planned for your future. You may want to marry your significant other some day but he or she may want to stay unmarried as long as you live together. Having kids is also a matter to be discussed before you decide to move in together.

3. Who will pay what? 

You may not be earning equal salaries and you need to sort out who will pay what. If you are going to buy a house to live in together, how will you handle the mortgage payments?

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That’s another question to discuss beforehand. You also need to sort out bills, student loans and unforeseen expenses.

4. Are you ready to see… Everything?

Imagine your significant other all sweaty after gym. Now imagine him or her all smelly and hugging you. Are you ready to be this intimate?

More disgustingly, are you ready to hear him or her poop? We are all human and we all have our needs but moving in together requires a relationship that can handle these things.

5. How will you handle household chores?

For example, who will wash the dishes or who will cook? You need to be dividing these equally. You can set some rules and create a calendar or schedule to divide these chores.

6. Do you have your “in-case” button?

People break up all the time. Even married couples end up with divorce. In case of a breakup, you need to have a safety net. Discuss who will keep the house and make sure you have enough money to pay two or three months’ rent if you are going to leave the house.

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