Chris Brown isn’t the happiest person in the world right now. He’s just had his probation in the Rihanna beat-up case revoked. Why? Because he was at the scene in two different nightclubs where people got shot.

The officials suspect that these incidents were not mere coincidences, and that there might be future shootings in clubs Brown goes to. As such, they want him behind bars to prevent the possibility of any such incidents.

The thing is people are saying that these incidents are not Chris’s fault, well we beg to defer. Chris’s fate is entirely caused by his behavior, here are 6 reasons why we know he is going to jail.

1. A less than commendable progress report

On Thursday, Brown appeared for his progress report, probably hoping his recent dedication to community service would cast him in a good light.
That was not to be, though, as the judge let him know that there were numerous issues presented by his probation report. For starters, the report mentioned the recent shooting in San Jose when Brown was performing. In the incident, five people were injured.

2. More than one shooting while he is around

The judge said that the probation report also mentioned another shooting incident at 1OAK last August, during the VMA weekend. Once again, Brown was performing—he was also making gang signs—and several people got shot, including hip hop mogul Suge Knight.

3. He was outside of his designated zone

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These weren’t the only incidents that incriminated Brown. The judge added that the singer left his county without obtaining permission from the court, which was a clear violation of his probation.

4. His probation officer has concerns

When Brown performs at his events, there is a high probability that people will get seriously injured or shot. The probation officer said that in addition to being at the scene of shootings and violating his parole.
Brown has also been arrested twice while on probation; once when he threw a rock at his mother’s car while still in rehab, and the other time when he assaulted someone in DC.

5. Chris still talking crazy about knives and guns

During a group rehab meeting, Brown apparently “made comments about knives and guns.”

6. The probation officer recommended jail

The probation officer clearly thinks that Brown is focusing more on his career than on making things right by committing to rehab and community service.

As such, he recommended to the judge that Brown serve time, since the singer keeps making counter-productive choices. There you have it, 6 reasons Chris Brown is going to jail for sure!
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